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Governor Tomblin Signs Bill to Help with Landfill Closures in Randolph & Webster Counties

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Governor Earl Ray Tomblin signed a bill Wednesday ensuring money from a state fund will help with the closure of the Elkins-Randolph County and Webster County landfills.

The Elkins-Randolph County landfill has been closed since 2011, and its been a drain of more than $300,000 a year on the city. Tomblin signed the bill to take that burden off the city.

"We're able to open that process again where Elkins, and Wayne County, and Webster County they have similar type problems, but those three counties can be assisted from by the state to be able to be completely closed down and handle their landfill situations," said Gov Tomblin.

House Bill 4339 was drafted by Randolph County Delegate Denise Campbell. The bill ensures that money from the Solid Waste Authority Closure Cost Assistance Fund are available to help with the closures.

The bill was created because the last opportunity to apply for assistance to close landfills was in 2000. Elkins did not apply. Now with the bill signed it reopens the application process.

"It's going to be big help financially to the city and the county to use these state dollars, and I think all of us working together this is a creative way to be able to handle the problem," Tomblin said.

Campbell said the sooner the better because the costs keep adding up.

"The city of Elkins pays to have that place secured 24-7 seven days a week. The maintenance, you know you can't say we're not using it, lock the gate, and don't do anything," said Campbell.

Campbell said the DEP has talked with city officials, and visited the landfill. Now its waiting for the process to start.

"We were really surprised and already called and made inquiry and already came to Elkins I think before the first month before the signing of the bill," Campbell said.

There's been no official date when the landfill will be closed for good.

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