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Finding a Family: Arther

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Arther is a big fan of the Mountaineers, and sports in general, so we met him at Milan Puskar Stadium for a tour. Arther, 14, plays football when he can, and has some skills on the basketball court too. He goes further than the field, though, for his favorite subject in school.

"Everybody else says 'gym,' which is true, I do like gym, but I also like math,"Artherr said. "Math is probably my favorite actual subject."

He's on the honor roll and also stands out for being considerate of the people around him.

"He is very quick to ask us how our families are and how we've been since we've seen him last," said Karissa Loring, who works with Arther through Wendy's Wonderful Kids. "Very thoughtful of others."

Arther imagines having a family that will cheer him on when he plays sports, or kick back with him to watch some of his favorite teams play. He's also hoping for a family that will help him grow into a good person.

"Someone that can comment on good behavior but then when I'm bad will always be like 'don't do that,' like they can play both sides," Arther said.

"It's been quite a while since he's had a family structure," Loring said, "so I think a family that would be understanding of that and helping him settle in and then also just letting him shine."

Arther also shines when he writes. He can write a rap about anything, but is working on one now that's close to his heart about how much longer he could spend in the foster system.

"Only like four more years, with or without a family, I'll be free," Arther explained, "But I'd rather have a family than not."

It's a work in progress, but a good start. Arther agreed to recite it for us.

"No family, eight years of that

Funny how time flies so fast

Eventually this will all be in my past

Four more years and I'm 18, leaving the scene

But with a family, I'll feel keen."

To learn more about Arther or any child in the Mountain State, call Mission West Virginia at 866-CALL MWV. Or you can send an email to

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