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Morgantown Lowe's Employees Rally Behind Coworker Shocked by Power Line

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A Fairmont man is counting his blessings after recovering after being shocked by a power line while on the job earlier this year.

Meeting Eugene Boyce, a 23-year employee of Lowe's, it's pretty apparent that his brush with death didn't kill his work ethic or his sense of humor. It's that heart of gold and one-of-a-kind personality that made Boyce's family at Store #567 in Morgantown want to do everything it could when the unthinkable happened nearly three months ago.

"He was delivering materials to a customer's home when there was an accident, and he got badly electrocuted," said Greg Leyfield, the store's manager.

"I got to a cable, and the rest of it, I really don't remember," said Boyce.

"The news kind of broke out, and it came back to the store what had happened. It was heart-wrenching," said Jeremiah Hawkins, Boyce's co-worker.

Boyce was flown to a Pittsburgh-area hospital, suffering from electrical burns to his hand and shoulder. He's still recovering but felt good enough to attend Saturday's Poker Run and fundraising dinner organized by his fellow employees to help with his medical bills.

"We got in touch with lot of vendors, a lot of local businesses, our contractors, everybody just stepped in. Anything that we're doing for him, he would do for anyone else," said Hawkins.

"Everybody has a lot of respect for Eugene as an employee," said Leyfield.

As for that support, Boyce says it's something he can't even begin to put into words, but he tried.

"I haven't seen a lot of these people in years. When you go inside there, the people, it's just awesome," said Boyce.

But it's those who have known Boyce that feel like they're the lucky ones.

"It just goes to show the big man upstairs watches over us to have him here. It's just a blessing," said Hawkins.

Friends have set up bank account for Boyce. If you'd like to contribute to the cause, visit Lowe's #567 at the Glenmark Center in Morgantown and ask for Lisa Furbee or Bill Phillips. You can make checks out to the Eugene Boyce Benefit Fund.

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