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Weekly Golf Tips with Golf USA: Drive For Show

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In the second installment of the Weekly Gold Tips With Golf USA, we focus on three things to improve your drives.

"If you hit a great drive, and can get out there 200-250 yards, then you're hitting shorter irons into the green, and most the time if you can hit a short iron into the green, you're going to get much closer to the green," said Golf USA owner Phil Christopher.

As much as a good drive is an advantage on the course, it's also a mental advantage. Nothing is better than looking good in front of your buddies, and nothing is worse than looking under trees fro your lost ball.

Christopher goes over tee height and ball alignment when teeing. He uses tape to find out where the ball is hitting the club. To high, low, left or right leaves your ball with untapped potential.

Christopher also discusses the two main causes to slices, and has two simple tips that can straighten you out.

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