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Stonewall Resort Offering Public Segway Tours

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At Stonewall Resort there are plenty of ways to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors, or go boating out on the lake. But there's one way a lot of people still don't know about, and it's taking a tour on a Segway.

They may look strange, but these machines are actually pretty easy to operate. Resort staff train people on how to use a Segway before they go out on tour by running an obstacle course to see how simple it really is.

"Once you get on there, get your initial balance, it sort of does the work for you. The effort's in your legs, as you know from doing it yourself, you put a little pressure on the front of your feet, you'll move forward, you put pressure on the back and you go backward, and you use the steering column to go left and right," said Mike Heath.

Heath was training new guides on the Segways Friday morning. It wasn't the first time for Kari Sims, and she said she's looking forward to sharing the experience with more people at the resort.

"It's really exciting, and people ask me sometimes 'what's it feel like?' It's not like riding a scooter or riding a bike, it's like nothing you've ever tried, so you need to come try it," said Sims.

Heath and the resort staff will drive the Segways over to the main lodge at the resort to show off the machines, and as more people discover them, resort tour numbers continue to rise, and bring more people to try it for themselves.

"What I see more than anything is once people get on them and move around a little bit, especially through the cones and the little obstacle course, they get thrilled. They think, oh this is something I can do, they start getting very excited, start considering themselves miniature pros. It's an exciting feeling."

It may not be the fastest vehicle in the world there are very few places you can try one in West Virginia. To give it a shot yourself, call the recreation department at Stonewall Resort at (304) 269-8887.

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