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Clarksburg City Councilman Hopes to Add Wheelchair Accessible Swings to City Parks

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Some kids never get to experience the feeling of swinging on a swing at the playground, and feel the breeze in their face, but Clarksburg City Councilman Jim Malfregeot is looking to change that.

"Recently my wife and I were here for a graduation party and as I was sitting at the pavilion and noticed our playground here and what a nice facility it is. Even though it is handicap accessible there's not that much for the handicap children,” explained Malfregeot.

That's when Malfregeot started doing some research and found there are handicap accessible swings available.

"There are swings out there that are handicap accessible that the wheelchair can be pushed up or driven on and the ramps are then secured in place. Young adults and children can enjoy the outdoors more so than the few stations we have here with this playground,” explained Malfregeot.

Malfregeot brought the idea to Clarksburg City Council a few weeks ago, and said everyone was in favor of the plan.

He said now it just needs to be added to a meeting agenda, and the next step will be for council to set aside funding.

He said he hopes adding these swings will make it possible for children with disabilities to have more to do in the summer.

"There's just not enough for the handicap to do, especially this time of year. Our pool and this playground are both handicap accessible, why not have a swing where they can feel the breeze in their face,” Malfregeot said.

Malfregeot said he would like to have the project finished by the end of summer, and have handicap accessible swings in more than one park.

"I would like to see a few here, maybe one in Stealey, one or two in Norwood and eventually I would like to see them in all our city parks because this is the right thing to do,” explained Malfregeot.

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