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Monongalia County Sheriff Supports Deputy Who Shot Dog

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There's been a lot of attention on social media after a Monongalia County Sheriff's Deputy shot a dog, Dixie, that later died at the vet. The owners are clearly upset about this. The Sheriff's Department says the shooting was not only justified but necessary.

"My dad called as soon as he got here, because I immediately called my dad and I just said, 'Dixie's hurt. I don't know what happened. Just please get here," explained Gina Fiorini, Dixie's owner.

On June 14 the sheriff's department was called to Point Marion Road after a man said his wife was trapped in her car at the bottom of the driveway because the neighbor's dog was being aggressive.

The sheriff's department said when the dog warden and the deputy arrived, Dixie charged at the deputy twice and he had to pepper spray the dog. It charged a third time and the deputy shot.

After the incident a Facebook page was made.

"Unless you're there to see exactly what happened, putting comments like what I've seen on Facebook and other social media, I think are inappropriate," said Sheriff Al Kisner. "Especially in cases like this when something serious has happened because all it does is incite people that say and do things that they might not otherwise do."

Kisner was upset that people were posting pictures and home addresses of the deputy and dog warden on the page.

Gina Fiorini, the dog's owner, says she didn't create the page and doesn't condone all of the comments.

"People always come up with some thing new," said Fiorini. "If they don't want to read my stuff, what I think went on, because I don't know. I tell them, I don't know what happened. I try to correct them, she was loose, she was not tied up. I don't like that stuff. I don't like the attention. I don't like rumors."

The sheriff's department is standing by the deputy.

"This is not something that happens everyday," Kisner said. "And I can tell you, I know this deputy. I know how a lot of people out here, myself included, being animal lovers you don't ever want to have to do something that under the circumstances isn't absolutely necessary."

After the dog was shot, the sheriff's department said they made several attempts to contact the owners but were not able to. The dog was left alone for around five hours until the owners arrived at the residence.

Fiorini says she understands her dog may have been being aggressive, but her concern is what happened after the dog was shot.

"I just want to find out why they left her. That is why I'm upset," Fiorini said. "Why leave her? That's why I'm so upset because there are so many other ways to go about it."

Fiorini is thinking about taking legal action.


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