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Restaurant Road Trip: Graceland Inn

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The Graceland Inn on the campus of Davis and Elkins College is a restaurant and a hotel, but it's also a bit of secret here in Randolph County that staff want to get out as much as possible.

And it's not a new secret, either. The Graceland Inn has been around for many years, and it's actually part of the biggest event in Elkins: Maid Silvia stays at Graceland each year for the Forest Festival. But the restaurant has plenty of its own to show off.

"The restaurant here at Graceland is something we're very proud of. We have a new executive chef, we've changed all the menus and all the food, and we're just very excited about what we have to offer now for the people that come here to eat with us," said Dr. Carol Carter, chair of the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship at D&E.

Since the restaurant is part of campus, students are involved, too. Business majors practice what they learn there, and it's perfect for another major.

"We also have a hospitality management major, and so they're heavily invested in being over here and doing internships. A lot of classes are held in this particular area," said Carter.

It also offers something rarer: Executive chef Derrick Lantz said the upscale atmosphere is hard to find in Randolph County.

"Elkins area has a lot of fast food and mom and pop diners, so we wanted to offer something a little higher end but yet still affordable for everyone to come and enjoy," said Lantz.

While the atmosphere is upscale, the dress is not. Carter said anyone is welcome to enjoy the restaurant.

"This is casual fine dining. We're just happy that people come in, and we want them to feel comfortable because this was a summer home, and we want to continue that ambiance of people feeling comfortable here and people coming in and enjoying themselves," said Carter.

Graceland is open Tuesday through Friday from 11-9, Saturday from 5-9, and Sunday from 11-3.  Reservations are not required but Carter said they are suggested, especially on Sundays.  Call (304) 621-0661 for more information.

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