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1907 License Plate Makes Debut at Morgantown History Museum

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One of the earliest license plates issued in Morgantown was donated to the city's history museum Tuesday night from the family of a well-known chauffeur at the turn of the 20th century. 

The descendants of Charles Plummer Pride, known as the "father of first aid in Monongalia County" presented Plate Number 1 to the museum, which was issued to Pride in 1907.

It was discovered in a trunk in Tampa, Florida among his family's belongings.

"I emailed my mom, and I said, 'What would my grandfather be doing being shown in this vehicle?' And she said, 'I don't know, but we have this tag in the trunk.' It does not belong in a trunk in Tennessee, or in a drawer in Florida. It belongs here, this is its home," said Tom Pride, Charles Plummer-Pride's great-grandson.

"Over 90 percent of what we display in here are all donations. This is where we get our displays, from the community, from people who come back to Morgantown and bring things that their ancestors took from Morgantown," said Michael Mackert of the Morgantown History Museum.

The license plate can be found in the automotive memorabilia section of the museum.
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