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Wet Weather Creates Hydroplaning Concerns on Area Roads

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Wet pavement is one of the number one causes of weather related accidents, and hydroplaning is a cause of many accidents.

It is easier to prevent hydroplaning, rather than act when it happens.

"There are three factors that lead to hydroplaning: speed, tread depth, and water depth. What happens is your tire tread tries to clear the water out from under the tire to maintain traction with the road. Your tire loses traction with the road and basically your care becomes like a boat sailing across water,” explained Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Jeff McAtee.

McAtee said that causes you to lose control while driving, but there are ways to prevent that from happening.

"When it's raining slow down, try to avoid hitting standing water, make sure your tires are in good maintenance, make sure they have plenty of tread depth and are inflated properly,” McAtee explained.

McAtee said an easy way to make sure your tires have enough tread, is to just use a penny. Place the penny inside the tread with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing down, if any of his head is covered, your tires should be good to go.

There are certain places that water accumulates on the highway. Ray Urse with the Division of Highways said water will pond in certain areas and that can be caused by drainage issues. But he said the DOH works to fix those problems.

“We generally rely on the public to report those issues since they are the ones aware of those areas. When we become aware of them we try to remediate them as quickly as possible, but we will put out high water signs in instances where we can't get to it immediately so we hope that's helpful,” explained Urse.

Urse said anyone who notices problems with ponding on the roads can contact the Division of Highways.

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