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Test it Tuesday: Stufz Burger Press

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For this week's Test it Tuesday product I tried out Stufz, a tool used to make stuffed hamburgers.

The tool itself is difficult to figure out how to use, I noticed. Luckily, directions are included, so be sure read over those very carefully.

One thing that I had a very difficult time figuring out was the right amount of meat to use in the press.

After a couple of tries, and help from our photographer, Chris Marrs, we were able to get something that resembled the bottom half of the burger.

I stuffed it with my ingredients of choice, then came the shaping of the lid, and that's when I ran into the most problems.

The directions said to shape the meat to the top of the press, then push down to seal it. For me, this just resulted in a spill over of hamburger meat.

I kept pushing to try and seal it and eventually gave up.

I pushed it out from the bottom onto the baking pan as instructed, and it fell apart.

The press certainly wasn't easy, and the commercial prides the product on that alone. I spent a lot of the time just trying to reassemble is as it fell apart. Based on our test, it would be easier to make your own stuffed burgers than try and use the Stufz burger press.

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