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WVU Engineering Student Turns Hobby Into Profession

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Clayton Davis Clayton Davis

Glass working has always been a part of Morgantown's history, and that's documented in the Seneca Center, but the medium has died off over the past several years. One native is trying to bring that culture back.

"It started out as a hobby and I've just really enjoyed my time doing it," said Clayton Davis. "So, if I could make a business out of it and just do that and support myself then that'd be awesome so that's kind of what I'm trying to do now."

Davis is a senior Industrial Engineering student at WVU. He said he became interested in glass working after watching a documentary on the subject.

He walked me through the process to create his artwork, which he sells under the name 'Nemo Glass.'

"I'm just going to melt this down and put my elbow down, that way gravity will bring the glass down into a ball and that's call a 'gather," started Davis. "What you do to decorate the glass, you have these things called 'stringers' and first you gather the glass down into a ball and then you pull it out into a string, that's how I'll decorate the piece."

Davis purchased all of the materials to make his creations with money he received doing an internship. The full set up cost him about $2,500, excluding the glass he uses.

He said his parents are very supportive of him with working glass, which is good because his studio is in their garage. He also explained that his mom and the history of glass making in Morgantown were part of what got him interested.

"I knew that they used to blow glass and stuff at the Seneca Center. But it's definitely died down a lot," Davis said. "It's not at all a major industry and I think that's sad because there is a lot of work that goes into it and it's kind of an art form that's lost."

Davis sells his creations on Etsy and you can find photos of his work on Instagram- @Nemoglass.

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