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Upshur County Commission Discusses Pay Raises Certification

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The Upshur County Commission discussed pay raises for elected officials on Thursday.

The state auditor's office said a state senate bill determines whether counties could afford raises.

15 counties weren't eligible.

Upshur County was eligible, but it decided not to implement a pay increase.

But the certification by the state auditor's office determined otherwise.

"It was the ultimate decision by the state's auditor, Mr Gainer that Upshur County in fact could afford, so we'll be paying, we have no choice, we will be paying the salary increases from our rainy day fund," said Raffety.

Raffety said it's been documented in previous commission meetings, and during the budget process that we had over $400,000 declined in revenue from the previous year. "So we've had to take steps in some cases not fill vacancies or offices within the commission and other offices. We have reduced or eliminated to quality of life organizations," Raffety said. 

More than 70 percent of the state's county commission association didn't support a pay raise.

"Its not saying that elected officials did not deserve a pay raise, it's been eight years since they received their last pay raise, but because of the economic environment we were currently operating under and still currently operating under we're not in support of that pay raise as an organization," Raffety said.

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