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The Edventure Group Molds the Next Generation of Leaders

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MORGANTOWN - The conference room at the Hilton Garden Inn was filled with future valedictorians, school principals, and maybe even a president on Thursday. They all received a lesson in leadership at The Edventure Group's annual Summer Workshop funded by a grant provided by Nailler Learn2Lead .

Being a leader can be hard work, even if you're in middle school.

"In my scout troop I have a leadership role and it sometimes gets hard to lead some of the younger scouts," said Noah Sampson, a 7th grader at Mountaineer Middle School."So I thought this would be useful for that."

"We are learning about communications skills," The Edventure Group's Program Coordinator, Chelsea Forman, said. "How to communicate as a leader, how important it is to be confident in your leadership abilities, and how to step out of your comfort zone."

The kids learn these skills by completing tasks.

One included timing the students on putting a puzzle together without being able to talk or see the picture. The students saw how much easier it got with communication and vision.

Certain aspects of the program taught Sampson how to make tough decisions.

"Even if you don't necessarily feel comfortable with the decision, it may be the right decision," said Sampson. "Communication is one of the leading components of being a leader."

The workshop is free for all of the students who attend.

"It builds strong leaders early, it is important," Forman said. "Our youth is our future we want them to know how to communicate effectively, and use technology responsibly and be able to be strong leaders going forward."

More than 150 Monongalia County school students have learned leadership skills through the program since it began ten years ago.
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