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Preserving WV's Historic Buildings: Mannington Train Depot

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MANNINGTON - The Mannington Train Depot closed its doors in 1957 after more than 100 years of service.

It was placed on the endangered list in 2011 and now the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia has stepped in to save it.

"We have very few buildings left in town. We did suffer the fire which many people know about. We lost a lot of our historic buildings. This sits right in the middle of our town and its very important that we don't let this one go into disarray also," said Rana Taylor, Mannington Main Street.

The original depot was a strategic stronghold during the Civil War, serving as a place soldiers would say final goodbyes to their families before heading off to war.

"After that it did serve as a passenger train. Believe it or not I still run into people that have those memories of getting on the train and riding it to Pittsburgh. So it's pretty neat and it's important to the community," Taylor said.

Non-profit organization, Mannington Main Street, acquired the building in 2012 and is working to transform it into a business incubator.

"Being a viable part to the city and creating something where these businesses would be able to learn while they are starting their businesses up at a low cost," Taylor said. "

Restoring the building isn't going to happen overnight, but the work has already began.

"All other work can begin after the envelope. Make sure the roof is waterproof, concentrate on the roofing system. Gutters, downspouts. Make sure that the windows are sound and all of that. Then you can start work on the inside," said Lynn Stasick, the Statewide Field Services Representative.

The revitalization is going to take a lot of money, grants, and time.

But when something is really worth it, you do everything to make it happen.

"If there is nothing for them to come back to see, what are they going to come back for? If anything else, the Mannington Train Depot is a representation of industry that is no longer in that region," Stasick said.
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