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Richard Garcia Officially Wins Primary Election in Race for Marion County Commission

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After the third and final day of recounting for the Marion County Commissioner primary election, Richard Garcia came out on top, beating Butch Tennant by five votes. 

After one primary election, a canvass, recounts requested by each candidate, and three days of counting by hand....Marion County finally has an official winner in the democratic race for County Commission.
"It's been a very difficult three days, but it's over," said County Clerk Janice Cosco.

Butch Tennant had asked offiofficialsre-count two voting precincts by hand on Tuesday after being down five votes and one precinct was counted twice.

"We asked for the absentee ballots to be counted in five additional precincts," said Philip Petty, Butch Tennant's attorney.
But on Wednesday, the numbers remained in Garcia's favor.

"After having gone through seven precincts, [Tennant] just couldn't go through the recount process any longer. It was just too emotionally draining," said Petty.

For Garcia, it was a whirlwind of emotions, but he did his best to stay calm, cool, and collected throughout the entire process.

"I refereed basketball, and they teach us not to show emotion because the coach may see if you missed a play or you're not really sure of yourself. Anybody who wants to be in politics, it's not about the money," said Garcia.

After all, politics runs in his blood.

"My nephew's the new Mountaineer Mascot, Michael Garcia. My father was in city council for 16 years in Marion County, my brother, Rob, is on city council," said Garcia.

Cosco said the entire state can learn from Marion County's experience.

"This is the first recount that we have had in Marion County since we began using the iVotronic. If we all get together, we can have legislation written how to really successfully have a recount with the iVotronic machines," said Cosco.

Garcia will face former Fairmont mayor Bill Burdick this fall. 
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