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Public Service Commission Conducts Roadcheck 2014

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Thousands of commercial vehicles drive on the interstate and highways every single day. It's important for drivers to keep track of their brakes, and even their sleep times. That's why the Public Service Commission is conducting a 72 hour safety road check.

Transportation Enforcement Division officers started Roadcheck 2014 Tuesday just after midnight. Each truck that drives past a safety check station must stop.

"There's a routine, there's a process and procedure that goes through on every truck with a level one inspection, which is the most in depth is what most of the officers are doing on all of these trucks," said Matt Epling, a PSC Enforcement Division Officer. "Like I said, driver information, they also go underneath the truck to check frames, wheels, rims, tires, hubs, airlines, or any type of leak that they might have on the vehicle."

Checks can be a quick drive in and get out, or a randomly selected in depth check.

"I believe the DOT is selecting random trucks and verifying everything is legal," said Skyler Bolden, a driver for Infinity Drilling. "It's good for safety factor but it's tough on the business owner because they're cutting into our time of production."

Whether it takes time out of the drivers day or not, the Public Service Commission says the checks promote highway safety, reduce fatalities, and raise awareness to increase compliance.

"With the brake systems, you want to make sure the brakes are in adjustments, want to check load securement, make sure nothing will fall off the truck when it's going down the roadway," Epling said. "And lately driver fatigue, which means make sure they have the proper amount of rest while they're driving down the road."

"Just being cautious of other drivers," Bolden, who drives at least 100 miles a day, said. "A lot of people in a hurry anymore."

In the first few hours of the safety road check at the Cooper's Rock Exit, the Public Service Commission already pulled over one commercial driver for a suspended license.

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