Firehouse Fridays: Masontown VFD

The Masontown VFD has been situated in western Preston County for a long time, according to Chief Dan Luzier.  
"We started in 1936 and had a smaller station, a lot smaller station here in the middle of town and we out grew that station and bought this property, and built a new station and moved to where we are here now."

Masontown Fire Department says it does more rescue than they do anything else. They say that Marvin's Mountain Top where GNNC holds many events keeps them pretty busy. Just this past weekend they assisted in some rescues at the track.
"GNCC Racing it's a national race and they bring in about 15-thousand people. It's in our first due area of course we where there to help with medical coverage and provide landing zones for the helicopters, we landed three helicopters for that incident there."

Masontown said another area that keeps them busy is Blue Hole located in the Cheat Canyon right on the river.
"There's a bridge overtop Cheat River, it's about 60 feet off the water and it attracts a lot of people, of course it keeps us busy. You're in the Cheat Canyon and being in the Cheat Canyon most of the rescues we do there involve vertical rescues, of course we have a gator with a medical bed on it, most of the people in that area have to be brought out on a gator on our med bed also. It's a beautiful area but it sure keeps us busy."

The department has to keep up with the demands in their area. They purchased some new equipment to help them with their rescues.

"We had an airboat we got rid of our air boat and just bought a dibs boat an inflatable boat and bought a new swift water trailer and just customized it with shelves and everything. We've got it set up with food and water. All of our water rescues where we can go and self provide for ourselves for about three days for our whole water rescue team."

Chief Luzier said one of the department's recent highlights include working with the Special Forces unit at Camp Dawson.

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