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New Cardiac Compression Machine Will Help Bridgeport Fire Department During Calls

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When someone's life is at risk paramedics will try to save their lives with CPR. But technology is ever-changing and recently the Bridgeport Fire Department has acquired a new machine that makes compressions more accurate, and could possibly save more lives.

It's called the Lund University Cardiac Arrest System, or LUCAS.

The Bridgeport Fire Department acquired the machine through EMS funds, and Chief Robert Seccuro said this device is for the benefit of the patients.

"Having this type of equipment and being able to effectively treat them in emergency cases like this will only make their treatment better,” said Seccuro.

The device is made up of two main pieces, and is designed to perform perfect compressions.

"It's also going to give proper compressions every time. One of the things we run into with the human factor is guys get tired, their hand position changes, and stuff like that. Through the doing of repetitive motions stuff changes, this will stay the same every time, so we are getting proper compressions every time,” explained Seccuro.

In addition to providing perfect, accurate compressions, the LUCAS machine also allows the EMT's to perform other tasks.

"We can set this on the patient and let it do its job while it frees up another guy to go and do whether it be intubations, starting an IV, administering medication, different things of that nature. It is a reprogrammable device so if the American Heart Association changes their standards we can have it reprogrammed to follow suit with what their recommendations are,” explained Steve Pill, a Bridgeport Fire Fighter and EMT.

For more information on the LUCAS machine click here.

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