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Test it Tuesday: The Ice Cream Magic

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We all know that summer is just around the corner and to prepare for that warm weather moving in, so I tried out the Ice Cream Magic.

The product is supposed to make a scoop of ice cream by adding some ingredients, some ice and by shaking it for three minutes.

First, you put ice, salt and water in the ice chamber of the Ice Cream Magic, then you put the freezing bowl on top. In the freezing bowl you put your choice of milk or heavy whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract and a syrup for flavor if you want.

I tried the heavy whipping cream both with syrup and without, and without the syrup it worked okay. The bottom of the bowl was caked with ice cream, and it total it made about a table spoon of ice cream. When I used the syrup, it didn't freeze at all and stayed liquid.

I also tried it with skim milk without syrup and again, it caked on the bottom, but it didn't make much ice cream at all.

Over all, the Ice Cream Magic didn't seem worth it to me. You have to shake it for at least four minutes, and even then, you only get a tablespoon of ice cream. So, it works, but only a little bit.

If you have a product you'd like to see tested out, let me know by emailing me at kdugan@wboy.com

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