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Test it Tuesday: The Wax Vac

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For this week’s Test it Tuesday product I tried out the Wax Vac.

It is supposed to be able to clean out your ears, and be a safe alternative to q-tips.

I tried to suck up dust, as shown in the commercial, and that worked well if the dust was small enough.

I also tried to see if the Wax Vac could collect water, which it also did pretty well.

The final test was to actually try to use the Wax Vac in my own ear. It was pretty comfortable, but it left a ringing in my ear.

My overall review of the Wax Vac was that it worked pretty well with what was shown in the commercial. It felt comfortable, and it was fairly quiet.

But it’s important to listen to the experts.

I spoke with Lindsay Lilly, an audiologist at Clarksburg Audiology, and she said that she tells her patients not to use the Wax Vac, or q-tips.

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