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Bridgeport City Council Discusses Future Projects; New Fire Chief Sworn Into Office

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Bridgeport City Council met in both work and public sessions on Monday evening, determined to keep the city moving in the right direction.

A top priority on Monday night was to welcome one of the city's newest and most prominent figures to the community. 

Robert Seccuro was sworn in as chief of the Bridgeport Fire Department. Seccuro, who was accompanied by his family, has moved here from Florida but is originally from Fairmont. Seccuro's firefighters were also on hand to show their support. 

During a work session, city officials discussed how to spend projected one-time B&O tax revenues, specifically how to appropriate those dollars and for which projects.

City manager Kim Haws said residents can expect that money to be spent wisely.

"There's going to be a lot of renovations done to the civic center that have been a long time coming. We're working on a veterans memorial. So there are a variety of projects that many of which were not included in next year's fiscal budget because we didn't have the dollars to do it, but we knew that we would have some dollars available at this time," said Haws.

During its regular session, council also voted to move forward with its project to repair concrete streets, sidewalks and curbs. It awarded the project to the lowest bidder, Landscape Plus LLC out of Morgantown, who bid an amount of $229,866. Haws said the city is aware of a number of areas that need work, and he plans to submit a complete list of specific streets to council at a later time. 

Haws said he hopes the project will be completed by the end of the summer.

Council also voted to create a new Bridgeport Utility Board.

"Right now, the sanitary sewer system is managed by a sanitary board. In anticipation of the city having to follow much stricter guidelines by the EPA on its storm water, we thought of combining all of our utilities under one board so that there's a savings with quantity of projects - an overflow of dollars that may be available. It also puts decision-making in the hands of a professional board that understands the issues related to utilities," said Haws.
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