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Gilmer, Lewis and Webster County To Vote on Sunday Hunting in Tuesday's Primary

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Lewis, Gilmer and Webster counties may become the newsest counties to permit Sunday Hunting. Currently 14 counties in the state allow the practice with the closest county in the north central region being Clay.  

 “Our position is were neutral on this issue," said Micheal Waugh of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. "We feel that the sportsman and the public in general should get to decide if there is Sunday hunting, and what regions of the state it should occur in.”

Some people are not as neutral on the issue. One such group is Sunday Hunting in West Virginia, who has a large Facebook presence and heavily promotes their cause. 

“We've actually had the Sunday push. They've come in and brought literature and we've provided it to our customers for them," said McFly Outdoors Assistant Manager William Ratliff. 

Customers at McFly Outdoors voiced opinions on both sides of the debate off the record. Some hunters want change because they are not able to participate in the sport due to their work schedule. 

"We've got a lot of oil and gas guys in this industry in this area that work six days a week and otherwise their not given the opportunity to be in field but that will give," said Ratliff.  

The Division of Natural Resources believes that though the referendum may be monumental, not much will change for more hunters. 

“We would hope overall it would have a pretty neutral effect. I think it will only add one day to the buck firearm deer season which is the major hunting season in the state," said Waugh.

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