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Doddridge County Family Concerned about Road Being Built by Gas Company

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In February 2012 Clara McGill and her family sold a pipeline right of way to EQT, but McGill said the relationship didn't end well.

"When they finished their project and moved on they left us with a swamp. We can't brush hog, we can't use it for anything anymore, and no one seems interested in getting it fixed for us,” said McGill.

So when EQT came back to the McGills this year asking to use their land for an entrance to another project, McGill was skeptical.

"When they came back to us on February 18 and wanted an entrance to get through to do their new project I gave them a very steep price and conditions. It's never been about the money, but about the belligerent, condescending way they dealt with us, and they just have not been reliable in the past to deal with,” McGill explained.

McGill said after she gave the company a steep price, they came up with their own solution.

"They have cut a hole in the guard rail, and they are making their entrance down over the state property in order to get to a bore project that they're doing underneath the four lane, that will connect the pipeline on both sides of the interstate,” McGill said.

McGill said she feels this creates a danger for drivers.

"We have well traffic that parks on the right side of the road as you come out Sunnyside. So there's that already going on, there's a park and ride there, and now the congestion from this project right at the intersection. People can't get out of interstate traffic,” explained McGill.

The Division of Highways said EQT received a temporary permit, on the conditions that it controls traffic, and puts up concrete barriers where the guardrail was to block access when work isn't being done.

As for the swamp, EQT said samples were taken there, but if it turns out to be a wetland, it will be up to their environmental department to decide if it can be filled.

If the results reveal they can do work on the swamp they will fix the problem.

McGill said she just wants oil and gas companies to respect both the landowners, and the landscape.

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