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Krypto and Dairo: Salem Police Department's K9 Officers Learn from Each Other

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Courtesy: Jeff Beach Courtesy: Jeff Beach

The Salem Police Department's K9 Units, Krypto and Dairo, are both loveable dogs when they're home, but the second they go on duty it's all work.

That’s a balance Officer Jeff Beach loves to have.

"Especially since Dairo has gotten older, when he goes home I take his collars off and that's what he does. When they're home they're just regular dogs,” said Beach.

Beach got Dairo when he was an officer in Virginia, and bought him from the department so he could bring him to Salem.

Beach said Dairo is an asset to any department they are with.

"One time he actually alerted to a sweet potato pie. He did not eat the pie, he scratched at the pie and the guy had actually shoved a crack pipe in the pie,” explained Beach.

Dairo is trained in patrol, narcotics, and tracking. Even though Dairo is 11 years old, Beach said he has more time to give to the department.

"The vet says he has the body of a five year old dog. We actually just went a few weeks ago to Hancock County and recertified, and he was the oldest dog recertifying,” said Beach.

Dairo's experience allows him to act as a role model for Beach's other dog, Krypto, who is eight months old.

"The city has been great and allowed me to bring Krypto with Dairo. One of the things that has been wonderful is he is able to kind of watch and listen and learn the different stuff that Dairo has been doing,” Beach explained.

Beach said he believes that is helping.

"He's eight months old and he's already finding all four odors: marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, he's already finding all of those. We're already tracking with him and doing apprehension work also. He's pretty ahead of the game,” said Beach.

Beach said both dogs love to work, but at the end of the day they are a part of his family.

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