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Mountaineer Middle School Students Need Your Vote to Win Money for School

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Three Mountaineer Middle School students in Clarksburg joined forces to create a life-size Pinocchio puppet out of milk cartons, all for a good cause.

The Made by Milk Contest requires students to make a storybook character out of recycled milk cartons.

Lucas Wallace, Dakota Wallace, and John Beasi worked for just one weekend on the Pinocchio, made out of 104 milk cartons.

They heard about the contest from the cafeteria manager Kim Wilson, and were encouraged to participate by art teacher Mary Marra.

"The students actually recycle milk cartons to make a majority of their structure. They had one weekend and no supplies from the school,” said Marra.

Wilson had to clean out all the milk cartons, and then supplied them to the students. Lucas Wallace said they threw around a couple ideas before landing on Pinocchio.

"We had to make a character from a storybook or a scene or something and we decided on Pinocchio just from random ideas that brought us to that,” explained Lucas Wallace.

The kids came back that Monday with Pinocchio, complete with a marionette stand all made from recycled materials.

In addition to milk cartons they also used a paper towel roll for the nose, an old umbrella, and a baby mobile.

The creation can be found online, and anyone can vote.

"You can vote until May 9 and you go to and when you get there you click see entries and find Pinocchio and click vote. The more votes we get the more chance we have to win the $2500 for the school,” said Marra.

If Mountaineer Middle School wins the 'people's choice award' the students want it to benefit both their peers and the teachers.

"They wanted some of the money to benefit students on their field trips and some to go to the teachers. They are a great group of kids,” Marra said.

Marra said she hopes the students win so they see that hard work pays off.

"It raises money for the school but more it shows the kids that when they go above and beyond they're going to be supported. It's really a reflection on the students,” explained Marra.

To vote for Mountaineer Middle click here.

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