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Parent's Place Provides Unique Learning Experience for Children

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Parent's Place provides a unique learning experience for children. It teaches kids from age one to five pre-school curriculum with their parents just a few feet away. But while the kids are learning, so are the parents.

"It's good for me to talk to the other parents and learn stuff," said John Sonnstedt, at stay-at-home dad who brings his two kids to Parent's Place. "Everybody's got a different perspective on parenting. Sometimes you need to talk to people to know if you're doing it right."

The program provides an atmosphere where parents can talk to each other about raising kids or just hang out.

Allison Woods is the Chair Person of the program. Her son will learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make upstairs and at the same time, Woods and the other parents have discussions downstairs.

"The parents build friendships, they get to form a community. Sometimes being a stay at home parent is a little bit isolating so they get to form friendships," said Woods. "We also have programming, we'll have doctors, financial planners, dentists come in and talk to parents about different parenting issues they might have questions about."

Parents also learn things like sewing and cooking.

Kids come twice a week for two hours and the parents pay $10 per session.

Sonnstedt said it's the perfect way for his son to get comfortable around other people while he takes care of his daughter and chats with the parents.

"Socialization is huge because my boy is three and he's been in this for two semesters and he's grown socially," Sonnstedt said. "I can see it when he's playing with other kids, I can see it when he's with adults. He's much more comfortable."

'Parent's Place' is a non-profit organization. The group is holding a 'Superhero themed' 5K Saturday, May 3 at Edith B. Barril Park. The race begins at 10 in the morning.

Open enrollment for Parent's Place begins Monday, May 5 and lasts through out the week.

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