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Restaurant Road Trip: El Rey

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When Silvia Guerrero and her family moved to the United States in 2006, they began their pursuit of the American Dream.

"Me, my mom, and my brothers, we have been here for less than 10 years, so we wanted to establish something here and do something with the family, so this is our dream," said Guerrero.

Her father jumped into the food industry with hopes of, one day, opening up his own Mexican restaurant.

"My dad used to work in a restaurant in Fairmont for a couple of years, and then, he decided to start his business, so we opened the one up in the mall. It was kind of a small place, we were there for three years, so we decided to go for something bigger," said Guerrero.

That "something bigger" was found on Emily Drive, and El Rey was born. It opened its doors less than a year ago and is surely making a name for itself in Clarksburg.

Silvia and her parents created the menu, which features family recipes that have been passed down for generations.

"....Seven or ten homemade dishes, the food that we eat at home. We weren't expecting people to like that because we didn't know if they would accept it," said Guerrero.

It's caught on a lot more quickly than the family ever expected.

"I had a chicken enchilada, and it was great, and these chips are bangin'," said customer Spencer Harlow.

"Yeah, they're pretty good, chips and the salsa are perfect," said customer Adam McMunn.

Gordon Gaynes and his wife agree.

"This is good, food's good, service is good, we like the ambiance. I get enchiladas with rice and beans, she usually gets the tacos," said Gaynes.

"The most popular plate that we have is the West Virginia burrito. The cheese dip is the best thing you can try. Enchiladas tricolor with green, red, and white sauce, so it's like the Mexican flag. All of the salsas are homemade," said Guerrero.

El Rey also offers a fully-stocked bar to accompany those home-style, authentic dishes that set it apart from other restaurants.

"We also have Mexican-style tacos, as they eat them on the corner of the streets of Mexico. You don't find this around West Virginia," said Guerrero.
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