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Students Against Drunk Driving Use Shock Factor to Prevent Distracted Driving at Robert C Byrd High School

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All week long Students Against Drunk Driving, or SADD, at Robert C Byrd High School have been trying to convince the other students to not drink and drive after the prom on Saturday.

It’s been doing this with a variety of activities including a sign and totaled car before the school.

"We have a totaled car as a first reminder as they're going up Eagle Way, we also have a coffin, which is a bit of a shock factor,” said Rachel Skubis, RCB teacher and SADD Sponsor.

Skubis said that shock factor is something the group wants.

"We'd rather have that shock factor before they get behind the wheel. What SADD does is try to make students aware of drunk driving and texting and driving so that there aren't any unnecessary wrecks or accidents out there,” Skubis explained.

All week long students took the pledge to not drive distracted. In three days 118 students pledged to not text and drive and 137 pledged to not drink and drive.

On Friday, one last event was held to really drive home the message about driving safety.

"We have a grim reaper that goes throughout the halls and every 30 minutes the grim reaper chooses a victim. That victim wears a tombstone on his or her neck, and they are to remain in silence for the rest of the day. This was for students to visually see what could happen by an irresponsible driver,” said Skubis.

Even the Grim Reaper himself, Hunter Riley, realized the dangers of distracted driving by being involved.

"I don't really think anyone should really be drinking and driving or texting and driving either. It's really not right,” said Riley, a senior at RCB.

Skubis said if shocking the students will help, SADD will keep doing it.

The grim reaper is an RCB tradition right before the prom, which will be Saturday night at Via Venito.

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