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Restaurant Road Trip: Green Arch Market and Cafe

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Open just over a month, the Green Arch Market and Cafe in Morgantown combines a fine dining experience with convenience store attached. 

"I was walking by one day and there was a For Rent sign in the window," said Green Arch Co-Owner Matthew Smailes. "I called it and the owner showed up and I bought the building. If you look outside, we're at the corner of Green and Arch streets. And so it's the Green Arch Market."

Smailes explained the relaxed atmosphere in the neighborhood provides the perfect backdrop for the business. 

"This is a very busy street, a college town," said Smailes. "A lot college kids walk to class and pass the Green Arch Market. And on their way home they stop and get dinner and snacks and convenience store items."

The Green Arch features a lunch and dinner menu ranging in price from $8 to $15. 

"I would definitely call ahead maybe 15 minutes ahead of time," said Smailes. "By the time  you show up the food will be hot and ready to go and it will still be hot when you get home."

Customers can order items to suit their dietary needs. 

"Just to know that they can come in and ask questions and they can learn." said executive chef Kevin Kiszka."They can ask for things special. Everything is made from scratch from my hands. So if they are allergic to something I am going to know what's what."

Chef Kiszka said the menu will change weekly but carry a few regular items. 

"We are making our pasta Primavera right now and a baked chicken feature," said Kiszka. "It's a got a ragu of tomato, bacon, and garlic sauteed spinach and white rice with a little Gouda cheese on top. Pasta primavera vegetarian."

Green Arch Market and Cafe is located at the corners of Green and Arch Streets in Morgantown. It is open Sunday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The kitchen is closed daily from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

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