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2014 Golf Preview: Golf USA Is Your One-Stop-Shop

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Golf can be an extremely frustrating sport. We have all been there. But it does not have to be that difficult. Of course, that's easier said than done. Thankfully though, the workers at Golf USA are available to show us the way.

"Welcome to Golf USA. My name is Phil Christopher. I've been the owner and operator here for the past 20 years. In fact, we've just had our 20th year anniversary. I'm anxious to get on with a good golf season and we have many things to offer here at the shop," Golf USA Owner Phil Christopher said.

Among those many things is a golf simulator, along with a workshop to repair clubs. They can also tailor fit your clubs for a specific size. Essentially, Golf USA is your one-stop-shop for your next round.

"We probably do 85 or 90 percent of our iron sets are custom fit. We do anything from length adjustments, grip size adjustments, shaft flex, lie angle. We can also get a little bit more detailed and get the three best golf shafts that work for your swing," Christopher said.

But if you're not into all of that quite yet, they also offer plenty for an amateur hitting the links for the very first time.

"We kind of try to cover beginners to advanced players," Christopher added. "We have beginner sets starting at $199. So you can get into the game without a big investment if you want to."

Professionals make the game look easy. Take Bubba Watson for example, the winner of the 2014 Masters Tournament. But lets face it, most of us will never reach that level of golf, which begs the question:

"Can you help me play better," Christopher said when asked what's the number one question he hears from customers the most.

That's the answer all of us would like to hear. So, can you?

"I think we can do that, via trying to get them in the right equipment," Christopher said. "A lower handicap player will have to maybe look at a different set of irons than what a beginner would. The advanced player likes to work the ball left and right a little bit, where the beginner wants to hit it straight, or just hit it."

When it comes down to it, Phil has one piece of advice for all of us embarking on a new golf season.

"What I always like to tell the customer is we want to eliminate as many variables in your golf game as we can. So if we can make sure that your iron set fits you right via all those adjustments, then whenever you go out to play you can't blame your clubs. Then you kind of want to work on your swing and get that grooved," he said.

The great thing about golf is that you can play at any age. With a pit stop at Golf USA, you will be well on your way to an even better 2014 season.

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