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Students Learn the Science of Agriculture with the Farm Bureau's Mobile Lab

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The West Virginia Farm Bureau's Mobile Agriculture Science Lab travels all across the state to teach kids about science and it's so popular, there is a two year waiting list.

Do you know how to extract DNA from wheat germ? Fourth graders at Doddridge County Elementary School learned just that on Friday which was the last day the lab was at the school.

The lab travels to schools all across the state, and has been on the road for seven years.

"The lab is designed so they will have an appreciation for agriculture and whether you live on the farm or in the city you are touched by agriculture every day," said Helen Hardman, the developer of the lab.

Hardman developed the lab and said it gives the students an opportunity to learn about science and agriculture without any down time.

"Oh it is so hands on from the time they come in. They are busy with hands-on activities from the time they come in here so there is no idle time. It is very structured step by step what they are supposed to do so they can have a good end result with their experiment," Hardman explained.

That type of learning is what makes the lab so popular, and the students agree.

"We learned lots of different things like how to get DNA out of wheat," explained Lynndsey Lambert and Jaycent Ash, both fourth graders.

The same class also learned how to make glue out of milk.

Hardman taught the students why learning that is important in agriculture.

"We take DNA from different crops and make a new string of crops. On the outside of my lab, we took broccoli and cauliflower and mixed it together, so there is a picture out there of a new product called broccoli-flower," said Hardman.

The students said they also like getting to learn how to do experiments.

"I like how we learn about all that science stuff so we can do it at home and teach other people how to do it," Ash said.

For more information on the lab click here.

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