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WV among states with higher daycare cost than college tuition

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West Virginia is among 31 states in which the average cost for infant daycare is higher than the average price of in-state tuition at public universities or colleges.

Here's how the numbers stack up in the Tri-State area:

WV Daycare:  $7,961

WV College:  $5,883

Difference:  $2,078


KY Daycare:  $6,105

KY College:  $8,445

Difference:  -$2,350


OH Daycare:  $8,482

OH College:  $9,190

Difference:  -$708

To cut down on costs, hairdresser Tara Casto sends her young daughter to St. Agnes only a couple of days a week instead of having her attend full-time. With the money she saves it lets her daughter participate in other outside activities like gymnastics.

"She can participate in dance and soccer. If we have to pay for her to go full-time it would be super expensive," Casto said.

For Donteako Wilson and his wife, it's a little bit different story, the couple has two kids in full-time daycare. They believe it is important to have quality daycare even if it comes at a high price. "It's never too early to invest in your child's education. If you don't invest in a great daycare you may not have to invest in college. We wanted them to have a great foundation," said Wilson.

Both families agree they'll opt to pay a little more for quality daycare when the payoff gives them peace of mind.

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