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Gilmer County Residents Upset After KKK Flyers Left In Yards

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It all happened last Saturday, when people like Jose Tipton in Glenville and others around the rest of Gilmer County went outside to find a baggie in their yard advertising a gathering of the KKK. Tipton and his family found it picking up dog toys in their yard, and were ready to write it off until they looked around.

"I was like, OK, maybe this is a random thing or someone trying to cause trouble. I went back outside and looked, and there were baggies all the way up the yard, just all the way down the street," Tipton said.

The fliers advertise a recruitment drive of the Klan to be held in Parkersburg two weekends from now, advertising a family-friendly event that welcomes children and offered free food. Tipton said after growing up in West Virginia, the flier didn't bother him too much, but it was another matter for his neighbors.

"I kind of just shrugged it off, but everyone else was mad. They were talking about getting in their cars and going down the road looking for these people. I was like, just leave it be; everyone's got their own beliefs," said Tipton.

Tipton was disappointed but not surprised that events like the KKK drive are still being held. He said he feels worse for those who participate, and that they're losing more than they stand to gain.

"I still know places here in West Virginia that, a man of color, you just don't go into. But I've grown up with it and it really doesn't bother me anymore, and I almost feel sorry for the people that still practice it, because they're missing out on a lot of culture and stuff like that," Tipton said.

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