WVU Basketball Players Visit the Early Learning Academy in Morgantown


It might not be an NBA regulation court that students played on, but basketball wasn't the only lesson taught by the WVU players on Monday. They taught kids at the Early Learning Facility how to share, how to stretch, and how to be healthy.

"Me and my teammate, Terry, came to ELF to talk to the kids a little bit," said Juwan Staten, a WVU basketball player. "Explain the importance of exercising, eating breakfast, and how important it is to stretch before and after you're done playing."

Staten is not only a player for the WVU basketball team but also a Public Relations major. His class is working with ELF to help them get some more exposure.

"Juwan asked me if I wanted to come hang out with the kids for a little bit and I was like sure," said Terry Henderson, another player on the WVU basketball team. "I love kids myself, it's been a while since I've had the chance to play with the kids and talk to them so this was definitely a good experience for me."

ELF teaches kids everything from sign language to social skills. The basketball players showed the kids how they can be successful if they live a healthy lifestyle.

"They get exposure to the different exposure to the different activities in Morgantown," said Connie McClurg, the Lead Preschool teacher who has been working at ELF for 24 years. "They hear about football, they hear about basketball, but actually seeing and meeting the players makes it more real for them."

The event also promoted a supply drive the Public Relations students and basketball team put together for ELF.

"We're just trying to do anything we can to help them get more school supplies. So, we decided to have this supply drive. Inviting everybody in the community and on campus and donate school supplies for these kids," said Staten. "This is a great facility. They really do a good job here, they stress the home environment."

The school supply drive will be April 26 at the WVU Basketball Practice Facility next to the Coliseum.

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