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Governor's Budget Cut Affects Several Non-Profit Agencies

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When it comes to non-profit organizations, government funding is crucial to their everyday operations.

The moment that funding is reduced or taken away, it can put a serious hit on the organization.

"I can't hire a person to help me do what I have to do because the Family Resource Network does not do direct service. We are non-direct service so I have to have someone else to help me," said Walesca Marrero, Taylor County Family Resource Network. "It's really hard when you're expected to do all these things on a one man show."

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin cut nearly $67 million from the 2015 budget in March.

The cuts affected Family Resource Networks, in-home care for seniors, legal services for domestic violence victims, Child Advocacy Centers, libraries, and even senior centers.

"To start off with a budget of $40,000 one year, and then turn around and get it cut to $38,600 another year, and now we're looking at another at another 2.67 percent now," Marrero said.

Delegate Mike Manypenny said he doesn't believe Governor Tomblin understands the importance of these non-profits.

He said investing in these programs can actually save taxpayers money.

"Substance abuse outreach can bring a 26 to 1 return on investment. By putting not even $1 million into the program, it can actually bring a $25 million return which is actually tax payer savings," he said.

With money slowly disappearing from the budget year after year, the non-profits are becoming worried.

"That's a lot. For a lot of people it's not but when you're a non-profit and you're struggling to keep the lights on and everything going, that's a lot," Marrero said.

If the money keeps dwindling away every single year, the doors could end up closing for good.

"It's going to undermine the program to where it implodes on itself," Delegate Manypenny said.

The Taylor County FRN said it will begin fundraising in the near future to try and replace the money it lost from the budget cut.

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