Yoga At Your Desk Helps Cure Workplace Woes

Now that spring is here, many residents in the area like to take a quick job or walk outside.

For many, the work day doesn't leave much time for a quick workout.

So fitness and health experts recommend yoga at your desk.

"Well I think you sit at your desk all day and you become tight and your nerves and you're stressed and everything is tight and tense," said Shannon Cattafesta. "I think getting up and stretching makes you feel better and opens yourself up a little bit more."

For Shannon and other working women in Marion County, most of their day is spent in an office.

But yoga instructor Robin Yeager taught members of the Marion County Chamber Women's Network a few techniques.

"We need to find time for ourselves," said Yeager. "And I don't think women are great at doing that." Why I like yoga is it's a nice balance between an active fitness and as well as kind of the breathing."

Local health experts agree.

"The afternoon where you get that lull and sleepy feeling," said Dr. Elizabeth Hess. " Some deep yoga breaths where you inhale hold and exhale slowly. It can be an effective as well for your neck and arms if you're at a computer to add those stretches to your day."

Yeager explained 10 minutes a day can make a difference.

"Basic exercises you can do right in your chair or stand up," said Yeager. "Doesn't matter if you have a dress on..if you have heels on. It's just getting some movement in."

Cattafesta said yoga is a nice balance to her usual cardio workout routine.

"I'm an outdoor runner person so this is very different for me," said Cattafesta. "You know the thought of mind and body and sitting still is a little bit scary. But once I did it I actually really enjoyed it."


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