Get Fit At Work

Spring is here, but not all of us have a chance to go outside and exercise during lunch breaks or when we get off work. 

But a WBOY employee uses her office to get fit anyway.

"With this particular job I never get up," said WBOY Traffic Assistant Terri Allen.  " I usually don't have to go to the copier or the fax machine or anything like that so for eight hours a day I am just sitting right here at the computer."

Since Allen doesn't have time to stop by a gym on her lunch hour, she decided to use the station instead. 

"Walking inside, taking laps around the building," said Allen. "And then we have a handicap ramp and steps so I will go up the ramp and down the steps and then I will turn around and go up the steps and down the ramp."

Allen combines a healthy lunch with 15 minutes of walking. 

"I think it definitely helps me mentally because like I said it does sort of wake me up after you have eaten lunch and it makes the afternoon a little easier," said Allen. 

Health experts agree.

Dr, Elizabeth Hess with United Hospital Center said walking takes away the post lunch lull. 

"Walking your 10,000 steps a day is what they are promoting," said Dr. Hess. "I think they said that adds up to 5 miles. But walking is a little gentler to the joints than running. And you just have to walk at a determined pace while you are walking. Certainly people can get in several miles a day, conscientiously walking from point A to point B."

Dr. Hess says you can also try simple exercise techniques right at your desk. 

Allen noticed that she's already lost weight since she's started walking a few months ago. 

Her new goal is to increase her walking by five minute increments. 

"Definitely try to do something in your workplace," said Allen.  It's always there. It's convenient and there's no excuses."

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