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Restaurant Road Trip: The Real Juice Bar and Cafe

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This week's stop on the restaurant road trip was at that Real Juice Bar and Cafe.  It's an all-natural, all-organic place, where people aiming to eat healthy can stop for a quick breakfast, lunch, or smoothie.

But their goal, is healthy food with a good taste.  "It's healthy food, and when you think healthy food everyone thinks ew Brussels sprouts, ew tasteless. But it's not like that at all," said Ruth Haas, owner.

Employees at the Real Juice Bar and Cafe said that healthy is becoming a trend.  "Healthy is the new fad, but the funny thing is, healthy has always been around. People just haven't been interested in it," said Morgan Haas social media director.

They have a juice and smoothie menu.  There are juices and smoothies, cold press juices, and juices in a different kind of juicer that are made to order.

Ruth Haas said they sell more smoothies than anything else.  Haas said everything is made fresh. The only thing that is frozen, and it's on purpose, is the fruit for the smoothies.

Employees cut fresh fruit, and put it in the freezer so they don't have to add ice to the smoothies.

There is also a food menu. I asked what the most popular item was and the answer was the same as employees favorites.

"The avocado smash just like everyone else, I'm obsessed with. It's just so good in the morning when you wake up. It's a hardy breakfast," said Morgan Haas.

The avocado smash has avocado on smashed on a bagel or pita, some secret spice and olive oil.

The Real Juice Bar and Cafe has a wide variety of options on the menu. Employees are able to cater to the dietary needs and wants of each individual customer.

A Sunday brunch is in the works as well, starting in late spring or early summer.

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