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College Spotlight: WV Wesleyan's Steve Warner Continues Softball Dominance

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Steve Warner always had a vision for Wesleyan Softball. But over time, that vision became something much bigger.

"It's my life," West Virginia Wesleyan Softball Head Coach Steve Warner said. "I look forward to going to work everyday. I look forward to working with the kids everyday."

Imagine doing anything for 22 years. You cannot do so without passion. A passion that his players say, is one of a kind.

"He knows how to bring out the best in people," Bobcats senior pitcher Jacqui Omichinski said. "He understands that different athletes need different types of coaches. Sometimes you need the coach to come up behind you and say, 'hey I have faith in you -- I know that you can do this, you got this.' Or sometimes you need a coach to yell and scream at you  and say, 'hey pull your head out of your butt and get this together."

"We're really lucky to have a coach like him," West Virginia Wesleyan junior catcher Megan Malenstyn said. "He definitely makes the program what it is today, and helps up and pushes us get farther."

The Bobcats already have the coach, and as of last year, they now have a field that's surrounded by a stadium.

Enjoying a softball game at West Virginia Wesleyan College has become a whole lot better thanks to the addition of brand new bleachers. It was a gift courtesy of a Wesleyan alumnus by the name of Marvin Culpepper. An addition that has been long overdue for a program that's done nothing but win games.

"The very first day when I got here during the fall semester, I drove down here and I was like, 'whoa.' This is pretty cool. I was really excited because last year we had the wooden bleachers and now this is just like a whole new level," Bobcats sophomore utility player Rebekah Honce said.

"I was just like, 'whoa.' I did not expect it. It's amazing. To have a stadium like this during my senior year, it's a privilege and I'm honored to play here and step on this field every game," West Virginia Wesleyan senior Jessica Griffin said.

"We're just so appreciative for what he's done for the athletic programs, but especially with softball. With the renovations to our field, it's top notch now," Warner admitted.

Top notch facilities are normally coupled with top level programs. A program that uses focus, anticipation and consistency to find ways to win.

"Coach always tells us before any game that Wesleyan means something in this conference. No matter what team we're playing, whether they're ranked last in the conference or whether they're not even in our conference and have never heard of us before, somehow through the grapevine people know who Wesleyan is," Omichinski replied.

"For 22 years, I've been able to do something that I love to do, and I hope to be able to continue that for another 20 more years," Warner said.
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