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Lincoln Middle School Construction Continuing on Schedule

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In November of 2012 Harrison County Board of Education members voted to move forward with plans to construct a new middle school, to replace Lumberport Middle School.

That new school in Shinnston is making progress.

By January of 2015 Harrison County School Officials hope the building will be ready to house more than 400 middle school students.

The new Lincoln Middle School in Shinnston is about 30% complete.

Harrison County Schools Assistant Superintendent of Operations Anthony Fratto said at first the building made slow progress, but the workers pushed through a bad winter.

"The construction is going well. I've got to credit the workers down there for the job they did this winter. It was a tough winter and they worked almost every day," said Fratto.

While Harrison County students missed nearly 20 days of school, the workers only missed two while building the school.

Fratto said when driving past the school there is one section you notice.

"That is section A. That's the gym, the large group instruction room, the art room, the music room," Fratto explained.

The walls of section A are up, and made from Styrofoam that serves a purpose.

"Those blue walls that you see are actually Styrofoam forms that snap together and then they run rebar through them to the ground. They pour concrete up inside those forms so when they're done the form stays and they are insulated both inside and out," explained Fratto.

Section B is also underway, but still underground. That section will house the academic area and the offices.

Fratto said when the school is complete it will be a benefit to the community because of its central location.

"This replaces the old Lumberport Middle School. They go down Route 20 all the way to Wetzel County and Route 19 all the way to Marion County. So that's a wide, diverse attendance area. This is the best location because with the high school there it can share the athletic fields," said Fratto.

The new middle school will also feature green houses, and tennis courts.

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