Meet Data, 9-Week-Old Puppy Looking for Good Home

The featured pet of the week is Data, a pit bull-sheep dog mix.  Data, and his brothers and sisters are nine weeks old.  There are four of his siblings left at the Human Society of Harrison County.

Kylie Rexroad, a kennel technician, said they ended up at the Human Society of Harrison County by chance.  They were just dropped off at animal control, but the Humane Society took them in.  There is one girl left and three boys.

The sister and one of the brothers have slightly longer hair.  They're mostly white with a little bit of brown, but one of them does have a little bit of black on him.

Rexroad said the last female in the group has quite the personality, "Being the last sister left with three brothers, she's kind of like the boss of the pack. She kind of herds everyone around and she's usually the roughest too."

She said that the dogs would work well with children, and with other animals in the house.  Rexroad said the two breeds he is mixed with tend to be very good family dogs.

They tend to be loyal, good companions, and they're very smart dogs so they would be easy to train.  The adoption fee for all dogs at the Humane Society of Harrison County is $150.

The fee includes their first vaccinations, de-worming, a flea treatment and a voucher to get the dog spayed or neutered.

Make sure to tune in next week for another featured pet.


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