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Firehouse Friday: Whitmer Volunteer Fire Department

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Welcome to this month's addition of Firehouse Friday, We are in eastern Randolph County visiting the Whitmer Volunteer Fire Department. Let's Find out a little bit more about them right now.

"Our first due area is about 145 square miles, something like that. We cover over towards Gladdy around the Pocahontas County line, and the Pendleton County line and back through the little town of Job down here," said Chief Clarence W. Turner.

Seventeen members and counting, along with a few junior firefighters, the department started small and quickly grew.

Turner explained, "Well when we first started here we just had a little ole dinky building and only housed two trucks. We bought a big pumper back in 1999 or 2000 and we had to build this building to put it in, and then we've been a growing from there."

 A lot of forest in this part of West Virginia, and one of the department's jobs is to help those who lose their way. 

Turner said, "We had one search and rescue here last fall I think it was. It lasted all night over in the Gladdy area, and then after we got to him or almost to him the helicopter picked him up and got him out. Kind of upset my men. They worked all night cutting trails and stuff to get in to him."

Ready for their next alarm, the Whitmer VFD!


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