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Drivers Will Soon See Permanent Fixes to Potholes

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Spring is officially here and for the next few days it will actually feel like it. That will give Division of Highways crews a chance to permanently fix those potholes that can cause some real problems on the road.

"We have a plan we've put together for the six counties that make up district four to do permanent patching. We're concentrating on the primary routes first and then we'll veer off onto the secondary routes after that," explained Ray Urse, District four Assistant Maintenance Engineer.

Urse said for the past few weeks crews have been patching roads with a cold mix, which is a temporary fix.

Crews have been out driving on roads to rate them and determine which need fixed first.

"We evaluate our roads based on a priority basis, and we call that the ADT or the Average Daily Traffic, the higher counts get higher priority," Urse said.

Crews will now be patching roads with hot mix asphalt.

"We call it 'mill and fill.' We take a device that grinds the asphalt material to a depth of about two inches, we square out the edges, we clean out the hole, and we'll put hot mix asphalt in its place. We'll compact that with a roller and that will be a permanent patch," explained Urse.

Those patches can last up to five years, and the material is kept in an asphalt plant. Those just opened up recently in Harrison County.

"It comes out of the plant at about 300 degrees and we want to maintain that temperature as long as possible so as quickly we can get that off the better it is for the project," said Urse.

The permanent patching will officially start on Monday.

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