'Gavin Strong' Lives On Through Cancer Fundraising

[image] Gavin Morris dressed as Superman.

Gavin Morris has become a beacon of strength for people with cancer. Even starting a trend of social media photos with being doing the strong man pose.

Gavin sadly lost his battle with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the age of 4, earlier this month in Philadelphia. His family moved there from West Virginia for his treatments.

Even through the pain, Gavin's mother, Tosha Morris, said doctors couldn't believe just how brave he was through it all.

"Whether he woke up puking, crying, or woke up happy and ready to go on an adventure, every day he said, 'Thank you God for a beautiful day,'" said Tosha Morris. "Including the day he had his stroke, which ultimately, ended his life. After his stroke he said that to me."

Paying it forward was just part of Gavin's 'Be Strong' personality.

Gavin's mother wanted to carry on her son's strength and use it to help as many people as she can. That's why she made it her personal mission to raise one million dollars for childhood cancer research. Specifically Neuroblastoma.

"This is what has touched my family and my life and took my son's life," said Morris. "To me, it is so rare, and so aggressive and these kids, 60 percent of them don't make it. I want research to be funded even more because we had nothing to go by."

Morris likes to say that Gavin became cancer-free the day he died. She wants people to 'Be Gavin Strong' and remember her son for his handsome smile, contagious laugh, and witty personality.

More than 90 thousand children will die from some sort of cancer this year alone. Tosha Morris is hoping to raise money for Neuroblastoma using the 'Be Gavin Strong Fund' through 'Alex's Lemonade Stand.'

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