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Restaurant Road Trip: Sloppy Poppy's

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Located in the historic district of Glen Elk, Sloppy Poppy's had the community's attention the moment it opened its doors less than a week ago.

Family is the keyword when it comes to dining at Sloppy Poppy's. 

Co-Owner Lyle Cook said his 3-year-old daughter was the one who named the place, "We were in the house throwing up names.  My little girl actually said Sloppy Poppy's and I said that's catchy! So we thought about it and my wife was kind of unsure at first.  I said it's easy to remember and people are going to remember that name."

Sloppy Poppy's menu offers a variety of items, featuring a Clarksburg favorite.

"Our top sellers have definitely been the Calzones, Philly's and the Giovanni.  We brought back the original Giovanni, which is the meat patty, American cheese, and garlic Texas Toast.  It's not the shredded stuff, it's a good burger," Cook said.

All of Sloppy Poppy's bread and pizza dough is exclusively delivered from Tomaro's Bakery, who has been serving fresh Italian bread since 1914.

Cook hopes his restaurant will draw more people to the Glen Elk District, "We're trying to build the community back up and hopefully be successful around here."

Sloppy Poppy's has only been open a few days but is looking to become a staple in Clarksburg. 

Sloppy Poppy's is located on 4th Street in Clarksburg.

It's open Monday through Saturday 11a.m. to 7p.m.

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