Local Business Feels Effects of Exoctic Animal Bill, Hopes People Follow Suit

The State Legislature passed an exotic animal bill earlier this month.

The bill will restrict the ownership of wild animals including big cats, bears, and snakes.

The Exotic Jungle in Morgantown houses some of those animals but doesn't sell them.

Constrictor snakes that can grow longer than six feet have always been an attraction for the pet store.

"This has always been, for 29 years, like the zoo to come to. Everyone that walks into the doors it's, 'Let's go to the big snakes.' That could pose a problem as far as getting the people in the door. Because once they're here they tend to purchase something else," said employee Emily Sanders.

The Exotic Jungle previously sold alligators and caimans, which are included in the bill.

The owner agrees with the bill and hopes it will be enforced.

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