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Nutter Fort Fire Department Prepares for Brush Fire Season

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It may not seem like it with the recent weather, but we are getting into brush fire season. The Nutter Fort Fire Department is getting prepared to fight those fires with extra training and new equipment.

"Everything is drying out before it's greening up, so we do have to deal with dead foliage on the ground, leaves, and that will ignite pretty quick right now," said Jeremy Haddix, Nutter Fort Fire Chief.

Haddix said brush fire season is upon us. The department has already responded to a few calls, but he said it's prepared for them.

"We spent a whole weekend with the West Virginia Forestry Department teaching us techniques and tactics and how to approach and what to do to better train our guys on what to do for a brush fire," Haddix said.

Haddix said the training is necessary because there is a big difference between a brush fire and a house fire, for instance.

"You're dealing with hillsides, dry weather, keeping the guys hydrated, and trying to keep it from spreading to multiple acres," said Haddix.

That's where the new brush unit comes in, it's a 4 x 4 pickup truck complete with everything necessary to fight a brush fire.

"The Governor, Senator Sam Cann, and Senator Facemire helped us out through the state to receive extra money to put the truck in service. It carries 200 gallons of water; it has a compressed air foam system which is one of a kind for Harrison County on a four wheel drive chassis. This is a four wheel drive so we can get farther into the woods and it has all of our brush fire equipment such as Indian fighters, rakes, chainsaws, and leaf blowers," explained Haddix.

Haddix said to avoid causing a brush fire you should always have water nearby when burning, and you should only burn after 5 p.m.

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