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Test it Tuesday: The Pocket Chair

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For Test it Tuesday this week, Katie Dugan and Kristian Claus teamed up to try out the Pocket Chair.

The Pocket Chair is supposed to unfold, and fold up easily, all while fitting in your pocket.

Claus and Dugan both had a hard time getting the bottom of the chair to clasp shut.

Claus was able to close it, while Dugan wasn't able to.

The Pocket Chair is supposed to be able to support a 250 pound man, which is around what Claus weighs.

When Claus sat in the chair in the flat, smooth, studio ground it supported him well and didn't wobble, but he says it wasn't very comfortable.

The Pocket Chair is also supposed to be able to stay sturdy on the grass, which Claus learned the hard way is not very true, he fell over.

Kristian Claus' overall review of the Pocket Chair is that it is really sturdy when put on strong ground, and he never felt like it was going to collapse. Having said that, if it's on uneven ground, it does fall over.  He also says that the chair isn't comfortable, so it would be great for children, because it's really small. 

If you have a product you'd like to see tested out, tell Katie on her facebook by clicking HERE, or email her at kdugan@wboy.com


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