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Day 11: Defense Rests Case In Michael Palmer Murder Trial

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"I feel it's in my best interest."

These are the words of Michael Palmer after Judge Michael Aloi asked him whether or not he would be testifying in his murder trial.

Palmer chose to exercise his fifth amendment right and waived his right to testify.

What was intended to be a two week trial is now in its third week, but the court said on Monday that an end is in sight.

Palmer and his wife Kristyn are accused of shooting and killing her father, Ed Wilson, in 2011.

On Monday, Stephen Perkins was called back to the stand for cross-examination by the state. Perkins is the nephew of Ed Wilson and was questioned by the defense on Friday.

In order for the court to figure out a couple things in regards to his former statement, cross-examination was held until Monday.

Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson immediately brought up his criminal history. He asked Perkins about his charges of burglary, entering without breaking, as well as his series of drug charges.

Pat Wilson asked Perkins if he lied to the police all of the time. Perkins replied, "Yes, I hate the cops."

"You hate the Marion County Sheriffs Department, don't you?," Pat Wilson asked. "You wouldn't hesitate to lie to them."

Perkins responded yes.

Pat Wilson brought up the dispute Perkins testified he had with Ed Wilson over a BB gun incident in the summer of 2010. He also asked about the statement Perkins gave to Detective Chip Phillips about what he knew in regards to the Palmer case.

He said he told Detective Phillips the statement was wrong when it was read to him but that wasn't his concern at the time.

He was arrested January 24, 2014 on drug charges.

"I wasn't worried about the damn piece of paper," he said.

Pat Wilson asked Perkins about the night January 24 when he was taken to the North Central Regional Jail. He told the jury he was placed in B-Pod and moved to F1 several days later.

Pat Wilson made the point to mention that B-Pod is where Michael Palmer was being held.

Perkins told the jury Palmers attorney, Sean Murphy and Rebecca Tate, as well as their private investigator came to take a statement from him at the jail on January 28.

Pat Wilson asked Perkins about Linda Gandy, Ed Wilson's sister, and the problem he had in regards to her.

Perkins said in his statement he blamed Gandy for not getting a piece of property that he thought would be left to him.

Pat Wilson then brought up the sexual relationship Perkins had with Danielle Saunders.

Pat Wilson asked her if Perkins ever thought she was having a sexual relationship with Ed Wilson due to all of the money he would give her.

"You accused her of it didn't you?," he asked.

"Yes," Perkins replied.

Next on the stand was Dr. Bobby Miller, a forensic psychologist from Huntington.

"I treat the criminally insane," Dr. Miller told the jury.

He said he has treated and diagnosed thousands of people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was asked by the defense to review Ed Wilson's records from the VA Hospital for the purposes of Palmer's case.

He told the jury in his years of experience, he found that people with PTSD are more likely to commit criminal acts. They are also more likely to cause problems with those in their family and they are often unprovoked.

Defense Attorney Sean Murphy asked Dr. Miller what alcohol would do for someone with PTSD. Dr. Miller said it is considered an amplifier. It would make a happy person more happy and an angry person more angry.

Dr. Miller told the jury Ed Wilson was being treated at the VA from 2008-2011. He was on disability due to his PTSD.

Murphy asked Dr. Miller if there was anything about Ed Wilson's records that stuck out to him.

He said there were plenty of words that stuck out to him in the report. Some of which included aggression, assault, overwhelming, as well as severe acute and chronic PTSD.

"Every entry in the report repeats itself or has similarities," he told the jury.

Dr. Miller said the plan in Ed Wilson's treatment was "to improve his impulsive rage".

He told the jury in addition to the counseling he would receive at the VA Hospital, he was also prescribed to several medications. These included anti-depressants, anti-psychotic, and sleep medications. Dr. Miller said they were potent medication and "needed to be detained".

Ed Wilson's psychologist said in his report that he "was not a man known to bluff, he was known to act". He was hypersensitive and those types of people are always the one looking for the problem, according to Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller said the treatment planned to "contain Ed Wilson" but it wasn't constantly successful.

Ed Wilson's psychologist classified him as a hypomaniac. Dr. Miller told the jury that can cause a person to have trouble sleeping, have racing thoughts, and have impaired judgment. He added that Ed Wilson was suffering of severe PTSD and would have mood swings where his rage was at its worst.

Dr. Miller said Ed Wilson was "very candid" with his psychologist. Dr. Miller said he didn't know he had a problem and would tell his psychologist anything he deemed necessary.

Dr. Miller told the jury the report states that Ed Wilson claimed he always had a gun on his person, in his home, and in his car. He also said he brandished a weapon.

Murphy asked Dr. Miller if there were certain things that would trigger Ed Wilson's anger in which he replied the report stated he had a "social sensitivity". He said Ed Wilson believed he and his country were dishonored. The report stated several incidents where he would address certain people on that very subject.

Ed Wilson visited the VA Hospital numerous times in a three year period. Dr. Miller said that PTSD was his "life view" and the report claimed it caused him to get angry very easily.

The report stated several instances that Ed Wilson would claim he showed his rage. It was often when he was defending his country or felt disrespected, when he had a dispute with his sister over property, and an argument with his girlfriend.

During cross-examination, Pat Wilson brought up the statement Dr. Miller said earlier about the association between criminality and PTSD.

"Are you aware that Mr. Wilson didn't have a criminal record?," Pat Wilson asked.

"Yes," Dr. Miller said. He added that most people with PTSD can function in society can function without problems, but for Ed Wilson that was not the case.

Pat Wilson made the point that all types of medical conditions can make people do things that can be 'problematic'.

Pat Wilson brought up all of the medical conditions Ed Wilson was suffering from. These include depression, insomnia, stress, grief, and more. Pat Wilson pointed out that Ed Wilson's psychologist never claimed him to be an alcoholic.

The records also never reflected that Ed Wilson talked about an issue he had with Michael and Kristyn Palmer.

Pat Wilson also noted that the records reflect on several occasions, Ed Wilson's psychologist lowered his dose of medications and reported he was doing a lot better when it came to his rage.

"His treatment was good and there were periods of time where he did well," Dr. Miller said. "But it was less impulsive rage. It wasn't completely gone."

Dr. Miller said Ed Wilson's psychologist noticed a pattern in his behavior and was concerned.

Once Dr. Miller was excused, the defense announced it has rested its case.

Judge Michael Aloi said instructions for the jury as well as closing statements are expected to begin early Tuesday morning.

The jury will begin to deliberate right after that.

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